Posted on December 20, 2014 by Mike Means

Last Friday night was another opportunity to visit one of the local home builder associations and install their new officers. This time it was the Shawnee Home Builders Association. Shawnee is a great place to visit and the HBA has its own cabin right by a lake.It is a terrific setting to have a get-together and celebrate.

Andy Hammons (l) presents the president's plaque to Jake Clanin (r).
Andy Hammons (l) presents the president's plaque to
Jake Clanin (r).

There has been a lot of talk about getting the Gen Y and the Millennials involved in the associations. Well Shawnee has done it. 2014 saw Jake Clanin serve as president and he has passed the torch to Andy Hammons. Both of these fine "younger" men are representing the industry well. Andy, in his acceptance speech as president, expressed a strong desire to reach out and recruit new and younger builders.

2014 shba christmas new boardThey will, of course, be ably assisted by a great board filled with enthusiastic members. Shawnee HBA is pleased to be so ably represented by such individuals. The new board is seen to the right.

2014 shba christmas Brown Means
Greg Brown and Mike Means

Of course, when one goes to visit a local association one gets to catch up with the friends they've made through the years. A builder that I call a friend and also a great supporter of the work we do at the association is Greg Brown. Jake and Andy also say he is a great mentor. The future looks bright in 2015 for the Shawnee HBA.

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