Posted on December 29, 2010 by Mike Means

This last week I saw an email from the Shawnee Economic Development Department. It blew me away. Here are some folks that realize how important homebuilders are to their economy. I am taking the liberty of putting this part of the email in my blog, read on...


We truly appreciate the individuals that make up the Shawnee Homebuilders for lots of reasons. One is the simple fact that they have made a capital investment in the community, which requires them to gamble their own dollars on the idea that the economy is going to be better, that their product will be in demand and that they can offer a product at a lower cost than others within the region.


Like other business owners in Shawnee, this group of risk takers optimizes some of our key economic strengths in our community. Builders gamble everyday on the weather being good enough to get their work completed, whether the materials they need will remain at the price they anticipated and that their labor costs will remain at a consistent level.


They are constantly bombarded by an onslaught of Federal regulations that agencies such as the EPA, Energy department, the DEQ and others dream up which add cost to the their finished product. Here at the SEDF we believe our homebuilders, suppliers and sub-contractors are among the best assets we have. And just in case you need to be encouraged more, make sure you thank them for all they do for our region.


Please share this with other folks in your area. guys get it. Thanks.

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