Posted on October 29, 2012 by Mike Means

What do Wall Bracing andShotgunshave in common? They are both activities being sponsored by the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association in the coming few days!

First, wall bracing.

This 3-hour seminar is Tuesday, October 30, at the Penn Campus of the Moore-Norman Technology Center. You should know that the State of Oklahoma has adopted the IRC 2009 as its statewide building code and municipalities are following suit. Just what does the new code require? Builders are encouraged to bring their superintendents and to invite their local inspector. This will be a very informative class.

Click here for more information.

Well, why did we mentionshotguns? Did you know there is an election next week? Most of us are focused on the Race for President, but there are a lot of other offices that will be voted on at the election. (And no, you won't need yourshotgunto vote.)

Theshotgunis for you to come and join us for our annual Sporting Clay Tournament. It is November 7 at SilverleafShotgunSports north of Edmond. The proceeds of the tournament will help replenish your PAC - Political Action Committee - that helps elect construction friendly legislators. Come and join us!

Click here for more information about the tournament.

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