Posted on July 18, 2011 by Mike Means

OSHBA past presidents
Tom French, left, and Mike
Gilles, right, visit with Kelly
Parker, president of
Guaranteed Watt Saver
Systems, morning presenter.

Durant, Choctaw Casino - Organizers are excited about this year's attendance numbers at this past weekend's Oklahoma State Home Builders Association annual convention - 140 over last year's 96.

Some first-timers told us it was time to get back in the game with attendance.

The regular attendees said that with the new state-mandated codes, the playing field has changed. After the breakout session Friday morning, one builder told us he learned of an important mandate involving slabs. This guy is very familiar with the homebuilding landscape, but this energy-efficient practice he knew of before is now being mandated and he's shocked.

He heard it at the convention.

As with technology, the game plan changes daily. Builders got a bird-s eye view.

If attendees weren't in the Advanced Framing talk Friday morning, builders and non-builders stretched their imaginations with a creativity pep-talk. One premise: Afraid to make mistakes? Don't be. You won't grasp the best learning tool of success. Take KFC's Col. Sanders. He tried 1,009 restaurants before finding one that accepted his fried-chicken recipe. Take a hint.

Dozens of builders who attended were already Certified Builders - and several BECAME certified after the weekend due to the education component of the convention.

Statewide, 150 are certified and, this year, the association certified 14 additional builders. But, we also lost 13 because their education credit mandates were not fulfilled.


The state conference is the best place to fulfill that accreditation. A new campaign for the coming year will be asking your buying public, "Is your builder certified? If not, why not?" If YOU may get asked that question, what will your answer be?

In today's market, certification sets you apart from others. The greater competitive edge you have, the better. Think about it when you consider attending next year. And bring the kids. The pool set-up here is no pool - it's a mini-White Water Bay. Perfect to keep the wife happy.

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