Posted on February 8, 2015 by Mike Means

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Mike Means
Mike Means

Last week saw the official beginning of the 55th Legislative Session. As usual, it began with the Governor's State of the State speech. Unlike the past few years, the Governor's speech did not have the usual "applause interruptions with standing ovations." Several observers remarked that they didn't remember the last time that happened.

The root cause may be the fact that the Legislature seems serious about tackling the issues facing the state, especially in education. Or it may be that this wasn't an election year. Either way, it seemed a little subdued.

Not much action taken overall last week. Expect things to pick up this week. We shall soon see what the Legislature is serious about. This morning I listened to one state senator talking on the radio. He said, "out of 2,000 bills filed, we will get serious over about 300 of them."

Here is the link to this year's tracking list.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Means, State EO

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