Posted on October 27, 2010 by Mike Means

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about all the state questions that will be on the ballot. Well, I decided to share my thoughts, information I've read, and then let you decide. Hopefully you can use this as some kind of guide for the election. I will try to be brief. Ready? Let's go!

SQ 744 - this is the one getting all the publicity. First you should know that your State Board of Directors voted unamiously to oppose this question. (In other words, vote NO.) It calls for education spending to be the regional average but provides no revenue stream or accountability. Simply put, to meet the mandate taxes must either go up or other essential government services (roads?) will be cut.

SQ 746 - this question will require anyone appearing to vote must present an ID. Hmm, can't cash a check or use a credit card without an ID. This one makes sense to me.

SQ 747 - this question puts term limits on the other state office holders. Governor and legislature already term limited. This would include all the other office holders; i.e., Lt. Governor, Treasurer, etc. Personally, I would have preferred letting the Governor and Lt. Governor run as a ticket and appoint the rest. In the meantime, term limits seems to be working.

SQ 748 - this changes how the reapportionment process will work. (Gerrymandering the legislative districts.) It would additional people to make it more bi-partisan. This seems to be a good idea.

SQ 750 - this measure would make it slightly easier to get petitions to the ballot by changing the number of signatures required. Each election cycle the number required changes. This would change it to the gubernatorial cycle and is a good idea.

SQ 751 - this question would require that all official state actions be in English. Native American languages could also be used. There is a lot of momentum behind this question. It is not as strong as English-only, but it is a step in that direction.

SQ 752 - this question would add two new non-lawyer, at-large members to the Judicial Nominating Commission. This sounds like a good way to get some average citizen input into the process.

SQ 754 - this is an attempt to counteract SQ 744 if it should pass. Many experts feel this question is just as bad as SQ 744. Probably best to just say NO to both.

SQ 755 - this question would forbid courts from considering international law or Sharia law when deciding cases. Not sure that we have had that problem in Oklahoma...yet.

SQ 756 - this is your chance to be heard on Obamacare. A YES vote says NO to a national health care system.

SQ 757 - this question would increase the amount of surplus revenue which goes to the Rainy Day Fund from 10% to 15%. Mixed thoughts on this one. If we would have had more money in the fund, the state budget would have been a little better following the national downturn. But, if things are going well, do we really want the state holding the money instead of letting the citizens decide what is best? If there is that much money coming in, perhaps taxes are a little too high? Your call.

There they are in a nutshell. Have fun at the polls. My next post will deal with some candidates.

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