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As President of the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association, Phil Rhees also serves as co-chair of the 2015 Oklahoma Building Summit & Expo, August 26-27, along with Kurt Dinnes. Rhees recently sat down to answer questions about the upcoming session and how it will benefit OSHBA members. The following is the first in a series of three excerpts from that conversation:

Phil Rhees
Phil Rhees

Question: Why did you expand the Building Summit to two days this year?

A: We wanted to include more content for the Oklahoma Building Summit. We wanted to expand our education offerings, to improve the quality of those, as well as the quantity of offerings we have. But we also wanted to add a tradeshow aspect to our event to offer builders a local way to come to the show and talk to a lot of different vendors and suppliers from around the state. We felt like it might be helpful to a lot of our state membership, to those who don't get to go to the International Builders Show, to be able to visit with some of those vendors.

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Q: You added the word Expo to your title. What does that indicate about the show?

A: That indicates the tradeshow aspect that we've added to the summit. It will be a two-day tradeshow as well. We will have booths and vendors operating out of those booths who will be able to directly market to our membership.

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Q: Who is your target audience for the Building Summit?

A: Our main audience is our builders. We target them with our education primarily. But we do have a lot of associate members that go to these events to learn a little bit more about what's going on in our industry. So, we also have a pretty big associate member attendance.

Q: How many builders to you anticipate attending the show?

A: We have a little over 1,000 builder members. We are hoping to target at least half of those at the show.

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