Posted on July 3, 2014 by By Carol Hartzog Communications

Ramseyer 2013
Dr. Christopher Ramseyer

We look forward to hearing Christopher Ramseyer speak on advanced framing and preparing to comply with high wind code at the Building Summit on Sept. 11. Dr. Ramseyer is Director, Fears Structural Engineering Laboratory and Associate Proffessor at the University of Oklahoma School of Civil Engineering & Environmental Science. He has three degrees in civil engineering from OU, extensive teaching experience, and served as lead design engineer for the SkyDance Bridge. Dr. Ramseyer is a member of the American Concrete Institute and the American Iron and Steel Institute. He created and manages "Camp Concrete," a structural engineering research experience for OU undergraduates. Dr. Ramseyer has researched and designed residential foundations for over a decade. And his recommendations for residential construction resistant to high wind events was the foundation for the City of Moore's enhanced residential building code.

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