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Overall shot of 2016 Summit opening session

Attentive audience during the opening session of the 2016 Oklahoma Building Summit & Expo


Editor's note: We asked participants in the recent Oklahoma Building Summit & Expo what they took away from the experience. Here are some of their comments:

 “Add value, don’t cut price, for example, add a fence”Caleb McCaleb, builder on Al Trellis of Home Builders Network on Smarter Responses to Tougher Times.’

Buzz is the feeling” among the vendors of the  annual Summit & Expo – CenterPoint Energy’s Steve Taylor, ramrodding the expo as Associates Council President

“This is something I can take home and apply to business.” – Associate Mark Priess of Thunder’s Pete Winemiller, senior vice president of guest relations, on “Moments Matter! Building a Culture that Employers…”

“Two-thirds of those registered are in the sessions. That’s a good number.” – people-counter Taylor.

“All good.” – Summit council chair Dan Reeves, OSHBA vice president/treasurer who is always straight to the point.

“I was thrilled the vendor booths were all sold out -- about 25 percent more booths than last year. This year, we surpassed attendance numbers, well over 600. I am also excited that this is starting to become the premier educational venue for homebuilders and suppliers in the region.”Kurt Dinnes, OSHBA president

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