Posted on September 1, 2011 by Mike Means

Submitted by Kimmi Houston, Edmond, Houston Homes Inc.

Kimmi Houston, Houston Homes, Inc.

It's time to come together everyone. Realtors can earn "green" designation just like builders. But right now, we are not all driving down the same side of the road. What we need is for everyone to learn the same material when it comes to knowing qualifies as green, whether clients are buying, selling or building.

I have served as a liaison between builders and Realtors for some time, as I am both a builder and a Realtor. The Green Resource Council of the Oklahoma City Metro Association of Realtors is a grassroots effort to bring everyone together to make sure information about green building is cohesive and unified.

Call it an education alliance.

Builders build it. Realtors know the value and sell it. But we all need to be educated in the same way. That's why I am encouraging all the Realtors I know to attend the upcoming Green Building Summit Sept. 27 and 28 at The Reed Center in Midwest City. One, because it is really inexpensive to attend at $50 for one day or $75 for both days, and two, the Summit is geared towards builders and Realtors.

Everyone can register here.

Realtors are eager to learn and make a difference. They understand how a house happens from the pad up, just like builders do. Bringing us all together simply lends value to both professions. Let's all get on the same green page.

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