Posted on March 21, 2015 by By Carol Hartzog Communications


The city of Oklahoma City provided us with a list of Top 10 mechanical reasons for rejecting a new building during inspection, and we're going to list them in a countdown to No.1. Today we offer reasons 5-1. Drumroll please...
  • 5) Restricted airflow by flexible ducts not installed properly, bends and turns too sharp
  • 4) Walkway or catwalk to equipment over 20 feet in length and less than 6 feet in height

  • 3) Walkways, service space floor and platform materials too thin, too light or not complete
  • 2) Building locked or no access provided (ladder etc.), Wrong permit purchased or wrong inspection type scheduled
    And the No. 1 reason for mechanical rejections in Oklahoma City is
  • 1) Improper support of ducts, vents & and condensate drains


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