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 Eye on Housing


By Paul Emrath

Editor’s note: With the end of 2015 approaching, NAHB’s Eye on Housing is reviewing the posts that attracted the most readers over the last year. In September, we used industry survey data to examine a perspective on industry organization.


A previous post discussed how the current shortage of subcontractors in residential construction is becoming more acute.  This is significant, because subcontractors are very important to the construction of the typical home. 

NAHB addressed the topic most recently in the September 2015 Special Study in Housing Economics.  The study clearly shows that builders’ use of subcontractors remains as strong as ever.   For example, 70 percent of builders typically use somewhere between 11 and 30 subcontractors to build a single-family home.  On average, 22 different subcontractors are used to build a ... Read the blog at NAHB’s Eye on Housing.


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