Posted on July 23, 2013 by Carol Hartzog

Haworth M
Marvin Haworth, former
president, Moore Home
Builders Association



Energy Efficiency


"I did not realize a Styrofoam board had been manufactured which could also serve as a structural wind brace. Before, you had to put a wood brace under the Styrofoam."






Edwards, Clark
Clark Edwards, former Enid
Home Builders Association

Soils and Foundation Design

"I learned the spacing of my rebar in the slab is too far apart for controlling shrinkage cracks. Haven't had a problem 95 percent of the time but, as the speaker said, that 5 percent of the time will sink you on problematic soils."







Michael Herndon 2012
Michael Herndon, former
president, OSHBA,
Ardmore area


Soils and Foundation Design


"I re-learned' the importance of deep footings to prevent moisture penetration under the slab. I knew that, but got away from it and the speaker reconfirmed for me what I always did."





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