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Jeff Smith, former president, Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa
Jeff Smith, former president,
Home Builders Association
of Greater Tulsa


Keynote: "The Power of Understanding People"

"I learned how to analyze a customer and their habits, and the change needs to come in me in working with others. For example, with the Expert Personality,' I will be more intentional in answering their questions rather than by way of demanding information."






Ross, Shane (new)
Shane Ross, president,
Southern Oklahoma Home
Builders Association

"I learned this stuff in college, but have forgotten it. Everybody is different at the end of the day. You have to adjust. I will better deal with my subcontractors. For example, I will be more attentive to the Expert Personality' I have on board, and will listen more. I want it done my way, but I need to make it his idea."








Tray McCune
Tray McCune, former president,
Stillwater Home Builders

"We have a tendency to fit everyone into our personality style instead of trying to better understand our clients' personality. I have a more direct personality style. I need to better listen to others. For example, with the Romantic Personality,' I need to allow them to talk."








Doug Shrout, Tulsa
Doug Shrout, Tulsa


Protect your Jobsites From Crime


"The last six to eight months, we've spent $12,000 on cameras, associated hard drives, etc. Locals say we can't find what you want, i.e. battery-operated, remote uplink, etc. When we're doing a new neighborhood, say 1,000 acres all together, the first, second, third houses tend to get hit with copper or cabinetry thieves. It's nice to know that remote cameras exist with real-time uplink so we can have a record, perhaps even an image of the thief. I bought some deer cameras and have to change the recording card every two weeks. We've had vandalism over the last couple of weeks, and I had to go through each recording over that time to locate evidence. The new technology is going to help me."

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