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Lindsey House

By Jaime Christensen
Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa

The Home Builders Association of  Greater Tulsa recently presented Lindsey House, a transitional living center, with a check for $67,000 to assist in the purchase and installation of 124 new windows. This is the second installment of a $100,000 pledge to help rehabilitate this building and improve its energy efficiency.

Lindsey House is located in a 1920s vintage apartment building in downtown Tulsa. The nonprofit provides mothers caring for children with furnished apartments and social services, budgeting, and family assistance to help teach them the skills they need to overcome homelessness and thrive.

The renovation of Lindsey House is an ongoing project and many improvements have been completed by the Remodelers Council, including the Hardesty Child Enrichment Center, a new courtyard and numerous updates and cosmetic fixes. Many of the windows in the building are original and in desperate need of repair. The project is estimated to cost more than $100,000 to complete.

“Lindsey House is making a difference in the lives of these families and we are so very honored to be a part of that,” said Weldon Bowman, Chairman of the 2015 Remodeled Tulsa Tour.  “We are committed to helping them not only through funding, but also by providing our services to restore their building and improve the lives of many disadvantaged mothers with children in our community.”

In October, the Remodelers Council was honored with a national award, the Council Award for Demonstrating Excellence (CADREs), for community service from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers. The award was in recognition for renovation and repair that Remodelers Council members’ provided the mothers and children at Lindsey House for the last three years. What began as minor monthly repairs performed on an apartment building evolved into an outpouring of compassion and giving for families rebuilding their lives through this transitional living program. 

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