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Watch this 2.5-minute video as to why you should Save the Date for the 2016 Oklahoma Building Summit & Expo.  Sept. 21-22 at the Cox Events Center -- from those in attendance this year:


“I’ve been in the building industry for 15-plus years and I am amazed every year I learn something new. You have these huge national speakers that pack thousands in a room and it is right here local.

“Well this year is special because this is the biggest builder show we’ve had as a Summit as it has been going on the last few years.”

“It’s not too big where we lose focus on people or we feel rushed to go to the next person, but it is just big enough where we get to see a lot of different faces and get to visit with a lot of different people.”

“My membership in the State Home Builders Association and this event is just one of many values that I get out of that membership.”

“So many times we get caught up in the sticks and bricks in building a house instead of the relationship of building the house.” -- Certified Professional Builder Caleb McCaleb, Edmond/OKC

 “I spend so much time working in my business I don’t take enough time to stop and look back into my business to see what I can do better and what things can make me better and then hopefully sell more homes. This Summit has helped me do that.” -- Brian Wiggs, Tulsa home builder with CPB-affiliated company

“The opportunities that are here to learn, to grow your craft, to take care of your families, just to have a better business. It’s here. In two days, you can learn everything you need to. “ -- Certified Professional Builder Tony Foust, Norman

“I mean this is fantastic. You don’t have to go anywhere, it’s right here just 20 miles from my house.” – Certified Professional Builder Jim Schuff, OKC

“I’ve already learned a lot of things that I will go back and start implementing with our company and our trades tomorrow.” – home builder Andrew French, with CPB Tom French Construction Co., Edmond/OKC

“If you are going to stay busy, you have to make a profit and it’s nice to hear somebody say you gotta do this, this, and this to get this profit.” -- Caleb McCaleb

“The associate members, I feel, are a big support to the overall success of events like this. Not only can we bring new products, but it is a win-win situation. You get into it what you put into it and this is an amazing way to get close to your customers. “ -- Jordan Williams, ProBuild

“You gotta be around the builders, you got to play with them and this is the way builders play. “ -- Randy Chambers, OGE

“Whether you are looking for continuing education or wanting to better your business, the Oklahoma Building Summit will be able to provide. “— Certified Professional Builder David Denny, OKC

(Special thanks to Jonathan Meisner, videographer)

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