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What's on your phone? Instead of "Flappy Birds" or "Word With Friends," we recommend a pair of free apps from your Home Builders Association that makes much better use of your time. The OSHBA and our Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association affiliate both recently launched new apps that connect builders with their industry organizations.

OSHBA smart phone app
OSHBA smart phone app

The OSHBA app features instant access to our calendar of events, blog, educational opportunities, social media, Certified Professional Builders and much more. You can even email us from the app. The OSHBA app is available in both the iOS App Store and the Android App Market. Keyword "Oklahoma State Home Builders Association" or "Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association" to locate the apps.

Meanwhile, on the COHBA scene, they are so excited to announce their COHBA App.

It's a fast, easy resource to check for events, meeting dates and times under the "Events" category. For example, under "Events", scroll over to Parade of Homes Spring Festival...down into description of event...a link to all the 62 homes in the Parade.

Other categories include an area for members and the public to "Message Us" and "Submit Photos."

The COHBA "Newsletter" will also be available for viewing. "Find a Member" allows the community to check to see if you are a member of the Association and allows our members a fast roster on their phone.

The "News Feed" will provide news stories about housing in the OKC Metro 24 hours a day. "Social Media" is available through Facebook and Twitter.

Check them out at the Apple App Store or the Android Market.

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