Posted on March 31, 2014 by Mike Means

Oklahoma State Home Builders Capitol Day is fast approaching, and I want to make sure all home builders know they are invited! Tomorrow (April 1), builders and associates from around the state will gather at the State Capitol to meet with our legislators to discuss with them various issues affecting our industry.

Feel free to join us!

With more than two dozen bills filed this legislative session that could have a direct impact on our industry, it's critical that as many OSHBA members attend as possible to ensure that our collective voice is heard.

If you would like to participate, call (405) 843-5579 and let Kathy know you are coming. She will tell you where we are meeting and give you all the details.

If you need some incentive to make the drive to the capitol tomorrow, here are the "Top Reasons to Attend Home Builders Day at the Capitol."

1. If you aren't AT the table you are ON the table. let's face it, squeaky wheels get the grease, right? If our legislators don't know us as an industry and never meet a member from their district, what do you think they will do when another group wants to add some extra burdens to your business?

2. Watch sausage being made. Will Rogers said the two things you don't want to see being made is sausage and laws. It gets a good laugh but it is a great opportunity to see the process and learn that it isn't as intimidating as it sounds.

3. Your presence really does make an impact. I meet the legislators regularly, but nothing makes the impact like having a member from their district stop by and say hi. Telling them the issues of the day helps them to understand your business.

4. Homebuilding = jobs - period, end of story. The legislature needs to know that for every new home built - 3 permanent full time jobs result. That is how you build an economy. Plus, houses are a "home grown" industry (pun intended). The product stays here, the money is circulated here!

Don't pass up this opportunity to have a direct impact on legislation that impacts you!

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